The Caring Journey

No Matter Where You Are On Your Caring Journey, You Are Not Alone

Caring for a loved one at home is a journey that can begin at any stage of life. It may initially involve helping an older parent or relative with shopping, assisting with meals and medication management but this role can grow and intensify over time. For others, their caring role can arise suddenly due to the birth of a child with special needs, a spouse or family member becoming ill or a parent having a stroke, for example.

Family Carers Ireland have developed a simple outline of caring responsibilities. If you can say ‘yes’ to any of these, then you are a family carer. It is so important that you self-identify as a family carer so that you are aware of what supports are available to you and how to access these.


At Family Carers Ireland, we understand the key to caring is support. That can come from your family members, wider family circles, people in your community and of course, from Government. However it is common the world over that many do not identify as a family carer.

By self-identifying as a family carer, you are taking the first step in your journey towards seeking support in your caring role. While family caring is a very rewarding role, it is important to have a support system in place to guide you. These range from training, respite, peer support, advocacy and information, which are some of the key elements provided by Family Carers Ireland in helping family carers cope with the challenges of caring for a loved one at home can bring. We believe no one should have to care alone.

I'm her mum,
AND her carer

We know that in Ireland today there are over 500,000 family carers of which approximately 160,000 do not self-identify. 

Our goal is to reach family carers when they first begin their caring role and provide them with information, supports and services to allow them to care confidently and safely avoiding them reaching struggling or crisis point.

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