Last Aid

Many people have learned the basics of first aid so that they can respond to someone in an emergency and maybe save a person’s life. However, at the end of a person’s life, very often we may be unsure what to say or do. Everyone will know someone who is experiencing serious illness, dying, death or grief at some point in their lifetime. It is vital to know how best to provide care and to offer support.


What is Last Aid?

Last aid provides inspiration and support to prompt conversation and thoughts to prepare for the end-of-life you wish for yourself or those you care for. The course aims to educate members of the public to share the basic knowledge and skills of end-of-life care. Family Carers Ireland holds the licence to deliver the Last Aid workshop in Ireland. We are recognised by Dr George Bollig, the author of Last Aid, for our unique affiliation with family carers and how we can support carers through this workshop.

What topics are covered?

  • Dying as a normal part of life
  • Planning ahead
  • Relieving suffering
  • Final goodbyes

Who should attend?

Last Aid is aimed at members of the public, so it is suitable for anyone who may provide care to someone at end-of-life. 

Please note this is not a course aimed at healthcare professionals.

Locations, Dates & Venues

More workshops to be announced shortly.